Foreign Language Courses in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Language Institute offers different Foreign Language courses and programs for children and teens, college students and adult learners, executives and professionals. We also offer foreign language and culture immersion programs at our partner language schools in 32 countries around the world.

Foreign Language Courses

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Learn Foreigh Languages:

Program Details

Foreign Language courses are offered at Arizona Language Institute in Phoenix at all levels for adult learners, college students and professionals. All our teachers are native speakers dedicated to teaching their language to speakers of other languages. All of them have university degrees and experience and are passionate about teaching their native language.

You will have lively and interactive foreign language classes: each day the class takes you one step closer to achieving your goal: to effectively communicate more in the foreign language of your choice. For this reason, we integrate all skills in the classroom, combining various tasks and activities.

You can choose our group Foreign Language classes for adult learners or children. Each session lasts 4 weeks and includes a total of 4.5 hour of instruction per week, classes meet two times a week or on Saturdays).

Classes are small with no more than 8 students in the class.

Foreign Language classes are offered at 5 levels:

  • Low Beginners.
  • High Beginners.
  • Intermediate 1.
  • Intermediate 2.
  • Advanced.

You will be placed with students of your level and will study in a setting that is comfortable for adult learners. Students must take the placement test before the beginning of their classes. If there is more than one student in the class, you study 2 hrs 15 min a session (4.5 hrs a week). Private/semi-private classes may be taken one time a week for 6 weeks & 2 hrs a session (total 12 hours).

We also offer customized private tutoring with one-to-one classes. All individual Foreign Language courses are tailor made for each student. We will analyze your individual Foreign Language learning goals and create a personalized program adapted to you with regard to the course content and a timetable of your course.

All Foreign Language courses are subject to teachers' availability. We can confirm the course only after we receive your application. If we cannot offer a course you applied for, we will make a full refund of the application fee and the tuition deposit.

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Classes meet 2 times a week on Monday and Wednesday or on Tuesday and Thursday. You can also choose Saturday classes.

You can join ongoing classes any time!

Questions? Call us at : 602-765-4979

Class Schedules

Evening Classes for Adult Leaners

Monday & Wednesday Tuesday & Thursday
 6:00 pm - 8:15 pm  6:00 pm - 8:15 pm

Saturday Classes for Adults

 9:00 am - 14.00 pm

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